Have you felt restless, stressed or disconncted lately?

In my exclusive 1-1 coaching, I guide you into more calmness

and mental clarity. You will experience deeper connection with yourself
and your inner strength. 

In our sessions, I will help you to get unblocked and show you the tools and methods you need in order to transform fears and unclarity into mental clarity,  strength and empowerment.

You will start to understand yourself and take the actions you need in order to strive in your life and be the empowered YOU.


Are you ready to tranform your life?

I guide you to live with
joy and fulfillment
in your own true way.


Radoslaw Kruczek

Founder &CEO

„I have gained more serenity and emotional balance and have reached a state where I am very satisfied with all areas of my life.“

Mirjam is coaching me for the last 12 months and I am planning to keep working with her on a long-term basis.“

William Takacs

Instructional Designer
& Training Development Manager

„Mirjam’s expertise and compassion for the human soul were absolutely what I was looking for and needed.

I now have a meditation pattern I can practice and use at any time for my personal or professional benefit.

Julia M.

Specialist for warehous logistics
at Mercedes-Benz

„Working with Mirjam was very professional, she really takes her time and adapts to the situation.

I highly recommend working with Mirjam if you need more clarity in your life.“


About me

My name is Mirjam Kamal and I help people from around the world to find mental clarity, a state of calmness and to find and stay rooted in their inherent inner strength. 

I grew up in Berlin with German, Balinese and Palestinian heritage, therefore I was early in contact with the bright sides but also the challenges of life.

Because I could see and feel the pain of people so early, I wanted to bring positive change and studied social and economic sustainabitliy and project management, while a chronic skin disease pushed me luckily into a self-healing journey and spirituality when I just turned 21.

Through my personal journey of more than 10 years, the help of my mentors and the  consistent search for living a healthy and fulfilled life, I was able to heal my chronic skin disease without medicine and found a state of inner balance and the connection with myself and my inner power.

Because I know how it feels to be disconnected from yourself, because I know how much we can struggle, I am determined to share the tools, methods and approaches that I learned on my path to overcome fears, blockages, stress and to transform them into empowerment, deep connection and living a meaningful life.



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