Grow through
Spiritual Coaching

Do you wish to live with more joy and peace?
Are you done with living with so much stress and pressure?
Do you want to start making your dreams come true instead of just dreaming?

Then you are right here!

Through Spiritual Coaching with me you:

  • experience clarity of mind and focus
  • transform your life
  • start implementing instead of just dreaming
  • develop skills for mental and emotional health
  • experience ease in implementing wellbeing habits
  • develop higher energy level
  • develop true courage
  • have more joy and inner peace

Book a free peace session with me and find out how to start with your new life!

Mirjam Kamal - Living in Joy

Find peace through meditation

Mirjam Kamal - Living in Joy

Would you like to learn different kinds of meditation practices that enrich your life in every possible way?

In my meditation training you learn various meditation methods that give you

  • the ability to still your mind anywhere anytime
  • calm emotions
  • have higher level of inspiration and innovation
  • quicker and better solution-finding
  • experience more joy and peace
  • implement a variety of meditation practices as a habit
  • keep mental and emotional health

Book a free wellbeing session with me and start meditating with me!


Radoslaw Kruczek

Founder & CEO

„I have gained more serenity and emotional balance and have reached a state where I am very satisfied with all areas of my life.“

Mirjam is coaching me for the last 12 months and I am planning to keep working with her on a long-term basis.“

William Takacs

Instructional Designer
& Training Development Manager

„Mirjam’s expertise and compassion for the human soul were absolutely what I was looking for and needed.

I now have a meditation pattern I can practice and use at any time for my personal or professional benefit.

Julia M.

Specialist for warehous logistics
at Mercedes-Benz

„Working with Mirjam was very professional, she really takes her time and adapts to the situation.

I highly recommend working with Mirjam if you need more clarity in your life.“



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