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How much time do we spend off screen nowadays? 

So many of us work on a computer all day, when we go home we continue with hanging on the phone and the TV. Dont’t get me wrong. I see how comfortable it has made our lives. I am no exception, but I also observe that it creates a certain drive within us for high stimulation. We are no longer able to truly enjoy and take in the beautiful things around us. We don’t even notice a beautiful pink flower that we pass on our way home. We don’t see how the ones we work or live with truly feel, we don’t hear properly what others share with us, because we are constantly looking for more stimulation. 

It seems like we are not able anymore to truly take in a moment of silence, because we have been riding on the stimulated high all day. And now the moment of silence and calmness feels uncomfortable. Maybe it is the first moment for a long time where we really notice ourselves, our emotions, our bodies, our inner state. And of course, if we have neglected it for the sake of our only-mind-driven-actions, this moment will be uncomfortable. 

But it is not the moment of silence that is making us uncomfortable, it is our self-neglect that we start to notice. 

Sure, it would be easy now to go back to the screen with all its stimulants, but be sure that your body will ring an alarm bell one day with an illness or your emotional state feeling burned out, depressed, empty will call for your attention.

Don’t wait until you fall really hard before switching off the screen, making some time for silence, for the calmness, for the presence of the moment. 

And don’t be scared. What you will find is beyond your imagination. Take the risk and look over your innner horizon. You fill find a spectrum of colours you could not imagine. 

It is like looking into the sky, knowing only the blue and the clouds, but suddenly a marvelous Rainbow appears.

Intabigle yet real. 

Be brave and dive into the moment of silence. 
Become an adventurer and discover new terretories that are within you. 

Love M.