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Walking our own path

Walking our own path.
Walking our own path.
Walking our own path. 

What does that even mean? Can we not walk our own path? Could we walk the path of another? And if we did so, in the end wouldn’t it be us walking the path of another yet walking our own as making that experience that we feel like we are not in line with ourselves, but deciding to do what we believe another would want or expect? 

In that sense, can we even lose ourselves or is it not the experience of being unconscious of our deeper being, yet making a valueble experience of feeling like another and not ourselves through which we gain insight, learn and understand?

I come to belivee that we cannot fall too far from our paths, yet it may feel as if we are disconnected, not alinged, not in flow, not walking our own. 

Still, there is something within us that can never cease to exist how far or close we may feel we are on our path. It is visible to us in the stillness, where we wake up from the illusion of feeling lost and lonely. It is a depth, yet not far, it is a hight, yet not hard to reach. It is so close that we cannot see the forest while being surrounded by the trees. 

Where are we trying to get? What are we trying to reach? When that which we are seeking is here already? 

Bless M.