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New Times – New Challenges

Our times allow us a freedom that has never existed before. We are given the possiblibity to make choices that our grandparents and great-grandparents didn´t have simply out of financial constraints and societal rules.

We can make individual decisions on our partners, our occupation, our place of living and our lifestyle. Therefore, we have this amazing opportunity to create the life that makes us truly fullfilled and joyful. Yet, with this new freedom new challenges come too.
How do we make decisions that lead to a fullfilled life?
How can we deal with the new responsbility of our own choices?
How can we make ourselves happy and be a great contribution to society?

The generations before us could´t teach us HOW to make good decisions in the environment of freedom of choice, because they could not develop experience and wisdom in this field as they were bound to their times and possibility of choice. Therefore, our generations not only have the opportunity to create individual freedom and fullfillment, but we are also the ones who need to find out and gain wisdom on HOW to make great decisions, on HOW to create the lives of our dreams and HOW to deal with the freedom and responsibility of our individual decision making.
In that light, I would like to inspire everybody to take the time, mental space and energy to reflect on these questions in order to find individual answers for how we can create the lives we love and to collect the wisdom that we can pass on later to the next generations who will benifit from our experience. Let´s start today!

Love M.

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