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How much juiciness do you allow in your own life? 

Isn’t it that we are so often caught up in our own seriousness about our daily tasks, about what we need to or should do? Isn’t it that we forget about enjoying what we do and bring in our own sense of aliveness into our actions, our relatinships and our state of mind? 
Enjoying and aliveness shall not be confussed with taking no action nor with taking action, it is rather about how we do what we do or do not do. It is that of ourselvess, of our being, that we allow to flow into the moment without holding back the inner stream of creation. 
Greatness is not about what we achieve, but about how much greatness we are able to experience through being open to our inner waves. Those waves comprise the intensity of life and our capacity of experiencing this pull and push, the ups and downs, the flow and stillness within the big ocean and the depth of our being. It is that which creates the juiciness that gives our lives a sweetness so sweet, that we we want to share all the love in our hearts. 
Let’s let the juiciness fill our soul, our body, our mind, our actions and our relationships. It is there already, we just need to let down the walls that hold it back to satisfy our fears. 

Bless M.