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What gives you energy?

I am so amazed when I look at how we often approach health. We think about doctors, pills, food and our physical needs. But what about the energetic and emotional side of our being?

I feel that too often we neglect or overlook those aspects. We try to „fix“ our bodies, to work again, but how much do we take care of our internal energies and our emotions?
When we think about our lives we often think in „work“ and „leasure time“ categories, believing that work takes energy and leasure gives energy, but more so, I experience it is not always about „what“ we do, but also „how, where and with what people“ we do certain activities. 

What is it that gives you energy?
When you think about:

I noticed that after an activity, being in a place or eating certain foods that give me energy, I mostly feel energized, touched or inspired after.
Looking after our energy level and inner energy flow is crucial for feeling well and healthy. Looking at all aspects of our being can be exciting, scary and yet elevating. 

What gives you energy? What makes you happy? What gives you a smile?

Beautiful day peeps. 
Love M. <3